Kengo Sakamoto Solo Bassist,Composer Kengo Sakamoto started playing the bass when he was 16 years old. He learned playing the bass by himself. He joined Koenji Hyakkei when he was 27 years old, recorded 2nd album, VIVA KOENJI!!

2000,Sakamoto moved from Tokyo to Okinawa. Sakamoto joined Gender Sanshin Trio. He approach traditional music of Okinawa and Indonesia.

2005,Sakamoto started solo. He performed in the nature of SFC,USA. His sounds made the deeply meditation. He improvised with YOSEMITE’s air and woods at midnight. The same year, composed “Ratims Friezz” for 4th Album, Angherr Shisppa. This song mixed with progressive feel, Okinawa, Brazilian ,African. Ratims Friezz got high praise from progressive rock fans in the world.

2007,Koenji Hyakkei performed in New york, Chicago, Tront,Qubec. FESTIVAL CREATION (Jonquiere, CANADA) Festival international de musique actuelle (Victoriaville, Canada)

2008,Koenji Hyakkei performed at “NEAR FEST” in Philadelphia, USA Near Fest X / Festival of Progressive Rock in USA (Bethlehem, USA)

2009,Koenji Hyakkei performed in France, Portugal, Spain, Germany. Gouveia art rock / Festival of Progressive Rock in Europe(Gouveia, Portugal) Rock in Opposi:on(Carmaux, France) FREAKPARADE FESTIVAL 2009 (Wurzburg, Germany) Audience of “ Rock in opposi:on ” gave No1 performer in this year. 2011,Solo performance, MeetsNature, perform in Taiwan,Okinawa,Hiroshima,Osaka,Tokyo. The Warasa project with Oscar Arias Galvez(Chile) start by internet communica:on.

2015,Plays with Chris Cutler, Yumi Hara in London,UK.

2018,Plays with Native people in Taiwan

2019,Plays with Mani Neumeier in Okinawa,Japan.
The sounds of the Earth in Chile.

【Kengo Sakamoto】
Meets the Nature in 2012
Spirits of the Native people in 2018
The sounds of the Earth in 2019

Koenji Hyakkei
Gender Sansin Trio

Photo by Alejandro Venegas - Fotografía